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To qualify with Nido we require potential students to write our assessment test, with a pass rate of 50%. We do not require a grade 12 nor do students need to have any specific subjects to qualify with Nido.

Once a student has written the assessment test and passed with 50% a registration form will be required to fill in and a student number will be given. Please note: We utilise WhatsApp as a main form of communication with students.

No you do not need any specific subjects to qualify with Nido.

We offer a clinical carer training program that is comprised of both theory and practical training, which offers exposure in the nursing field. You can find more details in the course overview section.

We are located in and around South Africa, specifically in the regions of Western Cape, Gauteng, Eastern Cape and Kwazulu-Natal

The fees are stipulated in clearly under the fees section. See all fees here.

This course does not give credits to utilise for further studies in nursing.

Yes the course is internationally recognised.

The course is 12 months in duration. You can find more details under the course overview.

Should you, our Nido student, get injured during theory or practical training, you will be responsible for your own medical expenses and Nido will not be held responsible.

  • Various tests as well as a first formal examination will be written before the Practical training commences. You need to pass this exam with 50% before you could continue with your practical training.
  • After the first three month practical placement, a benchmark exam is written. You will need to pass this with at least 50% to continue with the second placement in the hospital
  • After the second three month placement, the final exam is written. The pass mark is 50%
  • You will need to pass 18 practical procedures during the six month practical placement period, and the pass mark is 80%
  • After the final exam is written, it takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks for the final results to be released.
  • You will receive a letter of recommendation from NIDO containing your final results before the certificate can be issued. This enables students to already apply for jobs while waiting for their certificates.
  • After successful completion of your course you may register with NIDO Nursing (Pty) Ltd to assist you with job placements. You will have to sign an agreement with your regional office in South Africa.

YES, can work and study while with NIDO, but this must be discussed prior to starting the programme and must be approved by CEO.

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