Nido Fees

Course Fees

(Excluding assessment fee)

As soon as you have written the assessment test and have passed with 50% you get a student number and can then get the registration form and make payment for your registration fees using your name and student number as reference.


2023: R1200.00 for the assessment test
2024: R1250.00 for the assessment test
2025: R1300.00 for the assessment test

2023: Total training fees R26 952
2024: Total training fees R27 952
2025: Total training fees R28 952

2023: R12 000.00 for the registration fee
2024: R13 000.00 for the registration fee
2025: R14 000.00 for the registration fee

*Please note the registration fee is part of the total training fee and the assessment test is separate from the total training fee.

2023 – The difference is paid in 6 installments of R2492.00 over 6 months and you only start paying your installments after the classes have officially commenced.

2024 – The difference is paid in 6 installments of R2492.00 over six months and you only start paying your installments after the classes have officially commenced.

2025 – The difference is paid in 6 installments of R2492.00 over six months and you only start paying your installments after the classes have officially commenced.

* Please note All student fees must be paid into the Nido Nursing FNB bank account – NO cash will be accepted. Please use your name, surname and student number as reference when making a payment and please ensure all proof of payments are e-mailed to Students can also send a WhatsApp or SMS with a photo of the slip to 073 259 4487.

Important Points

1 NO CASH will be accepted as payment for student fees, please ensure you deposit directly into the Nido Nursing FNB account, any Nido staff requesting cash payments will be disciplined. (The only person approved to receive cash payments is the CEO, Gizelle van der Merwe). Please report this to head office immediately.

2 NO refunds on registration fees and a registration and training agreement to sign on first day of orientation. Registration forms can be emailed to students after registration fee was paid.

3 Course Fees include the following points:

  • First consultation fee
  • Assessment fee
  • Evaluation fee
  • Application and Registration fee
  • Manuals:
    • Theory Manual
    • Practical Work Manual/Log Book
    • Orientation Manual
    • Course Outcomes
    • Other training materials regarding theory
  • Placements at private practical facilities
  • Name Badge
  • Professional Nurses/ Tutors offering the training and clinical facilitation
  • Professional Indemnity/ Insurance

4 Course fees are to be paid in full before starting practical training at private hospital allocated for practical training.

Additional Fees

An Emergency Care, CPR and First Aid training course will be paid separately by each student.


We will outsource a company to come to our Academy to give your CPR and First Aid Training and you will then receive an extra Certificate for the CPR training from the company doing the training.

Certificate Ceremony

This is a choice made by the regional office and the students. If they wish to have a certificate ceremony, there will be an additional fee for venue hire, gowns and catering. The cost differs from region to region. This decision can be discussed with the Regional office and Nursing Tutor team. Alternatively, the Nursing Tutor can hand over certificates after successful completion of the course at the offices or certificates can be handed over at a simple certificate ceremony.

Nido bib

R300.00 (Compulsory)

Replacement costs

Should a student lose their Nido bib, name badge or any study manuals, due to theft or negligence, the replacement costs are as follows and must be paid by the student.

Name badge: R95.00

Practical Logbook: R250.00 (Please note if you lose this logbook you will have to do the training over, it is imperative to keep this practical logbook safe, this is your only proof of actually being competent in your practical procedures)

Theory Manual: R550.00

Reflective Journal: R100.00

Banking Details

  • Bank: First National Bank
  • Branch: Gardens
  • Account Number: 62531020098

Please use your student number issued by Nido Nursing Head Office as your reference on the deposit slip when depositing the fees. E.g. For Cape Town CA20181008 or for Port Elizabeth PE20182002 or DBN20183002 (These student numbers are only examples)

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