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The Health Care Assistant Course is a Stepping Stone..

The uniqueness of Nido's practical training is the experience in private practical facilities. Nido's training programme is recognized and approved. NIDO training programme is recognized in the Health Care Industry as the best quality Health Care Worker training, and was designed by nursing divisions of Universities.

What are your subjects.....?

The Health Care Assistant Course is recognized and approved.

What are your subjects.....?

The Health Care Assistant Course entails the following:

  • The complete course is of 12 months duration. You need to complete 1150 hours in total (Theory and Practical)

Month 1 - 142 hours (Theoretical training – lectures, revision, tests and first formal exam)


  • Ethics, rights and conduct
  • Communication
  • Basic Human Anatomy
  • Body Care
  • Personal/ Environmental Hygiene
  • Cross Infection
  • Intake and Output
  • Safety of patients
  • Recreational needs
  • Medical terminology
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Total patient care
  • Death and Dying
  • Stress Management
  • Care of the Elderly
  • Common Illnesses
  • Baby and Child care
  • CPR & First Aid
  • Nutrition

Month 2 - 12

  • Completing 1008 Hours practical experience in a hospital, old age home or retirement village. Students need to do at least 168hrs practical training per month to reach 1008 hours
  • 2 weeks of 90 hours to study for formal exam
  • Write a benchmark exam and a final exam

In total you will need to complete 1150 hours to complete the course. 142 hours theory and 1008 hours practical = 1150 hours

Course Fees

Course Fees: (The Assessment fee is not included)

Course Fees

Course Fees: (The Assessment fee is not included)

Health Care Health Care Assistant Course Fees:

2018: R21 952.00
2019: R22 952.00
R23 952.00

2018 - Installments

  • Registration Fee – R 7000.00 paid in full before commencing the course
  • 1st installment R2 492.00 – payment due end of first month of training
  • 2nd installment R2 492.00 – payment due end of second month of training
  • 3rd installment R2 492.00 - payment due end of third month of training
  • 4th installment R2 492.00 – payment due end of forth month of training
  • 5th installment R2 492.00 – payment due end of fith month of training
  • 6th installment R2 492.00 – payment due end of sixth month of training

2018 and 2019 - Installments

Registration Fee for 2018 – R8000.00 paid in full before commencing the course
Registration Fee for 2019 – R9000.00 paid in full before commencing the course
Installments over 6 months 2019/2020

  • R2 492.00 as above
  • R2 492.00 as above
  • R 2 492.00 as above
  • R2 492.00 as above
  • R2 492.00 as above
  • R2 492.00 as above

Please note:  All student fees must be paid into the Nido Nursing FNB bank account – no cash will be accepted. Please use your name, surname and student number as reference when making a payment and please ensure all proof of payments are faxed to 086 627 6992 or e-mailed to Students can also send a whatsapp or sms with a photo of the slip to 0732594487

Please ask for the special offers at the regional office closest to you!


Bank: First National Bank
Account Number: 62531020098
Branch: Gardens

Please use your student number given by the person you register with as your reference on the deposit slip when depositing the fees. E.g. CA15603 or for Port Elizabeth PAO092 or Pietermaritzburg PMB1016 (These student numbers are only examples).

COURSE FEES ARE PAYABLE IN FULL BEFORE TO STARTING PRACTICAL TRAINING AT NETCARE Limited and Investment Holding Company as well as any other practical facility contracted to NIDO Nursing (Pty) Ltd

Course fees include:

  • First consultation fee
  • Assessment fee
  • Evaluation fee
  • Application and Registration fee
  • Manuals:
    1. Theory Manual
    2. Practical Work Manual/Log Book
    3. Orientation Manual
    4. Reflective Journal
    5. Course Outcomes
  • Name Badge
  • Placements at private practical facilities
  • Name Badge
  • Professional Nurses/ Tutors offering the training and clinical facilitation
  • Professional Indemnity


  • An Emergency Care, CPR and First Aid training course will be paid separately by each student. THE FEES WILL DIFFER IN DIFFERENT REGIONS. We will outsource a company to come to our Academy to give your CPR and First Aid Training and you will then receive an extra Certificate for the CPR training from the company doing the training. In Cape Town the students get trained for Emergency Care, for CPR – first aid cost please contact our offices.
  • Graduation Ceremony: This is a choice made by the regional office and the students. If they wish to have a certificate ceremony, there will be an additional fee for venue hire, gowns and catering. The cost differs from region to region.This decision can be discussed with the Regional offices and Nursing Tutor team. Alternatively, the Nursing Tutor can hand over certificates after successful completion of the course at the offices or certificates can be handed over at a simple certificate ceremony.
  • Nido BIB: R300.00 (order at the office please)
  • Replacement costs: Should a student lose her Nido bib, name badge or any study manuals, due to theft or negligence, the replacement costs are as follows and must be paid by the student concerned?
    • Name badge R95
    • Practical Logbook R230 (Please note if you loose this logbook you will have to do the training over, it is imperative to keep this practical logbook safe, this is your only proof of actually being competent in your practical procedures)
    • Theory Manual R450
    • Reflective Journal R90


Requirements for Registration.

  • 6 x I.D Photographs
  • 3 x Certified copies of school certificate
  • 3 x certified copies of your ID book.
  • Recent updated CV

An Assessment test needs to be written and the pass mark is 50% Fee for Assessment: (must be paid when booking for writing the test into the Nido Nursing (Pty) Ltd Bank account

  • 2018 - R850.00
  • 2019 - R950.00
  • 2020 - R1000.00

Please note that the assessment fee is not refundable and if a student did not pass
the test, he/she will not be accepted into the Nido Health Care Assistant Programme.

The Reason for the Assessment test:

  • To identify if students can read and write in English. (The course is in English)
  • To identify the passion for Nursing

Student Uniform

Students are responsible for their own uniforms:

  • White nursing shirt (short sleeved) – 3 (all shirts must be clean at all times)
  • Navy trousers / skirt
  • Black /Navy shoes
  • Stockings
  • Jackets and headscarves must be navy blue

Please note the following is required:

  • Hepatitus B vaccinations  (proof must be submitted)
  • Police Clearance
  • Health Status – Medical Certificate – (TB Clearance)

NB: Please note that no students will be allowed to start their practical training in the Private Hospitals unless the above proofs have been submitted


We advise students to budget for transport during training, as Nido will not be held responsible for transport costs. You must be able to attend each day of your practical placement. Students can be suspended if they do not attend practical training.


Students have to arrange for their own accommodation


To Whom it may concern

Discovery HomeCare has been working closely with NIDO Health as a preferred provider, since June 2016. We have been hugely impressed by the great work that NIDO does and the lengths that they go to, to service and care for their clients. Their passion for providing care and support is evident in every case referred to them as is the quality and experience of their care team. We have only ever received positive feedback from our members when cared for by NIDO and have no reservations referring patients to them, knowing that their team have the training, experience and support required. We have also been very impressed with NIDOs innovation, from the training programme created for their care workers, to the Care Champ App that will really help families better navigate the often overwhelming task of finding an appropriate care worker for their loved ones. The NIDO team are a pleasure to work with and we wish them all the very best on their journey ahead and for all their new ventures and adventures!

Dr Kelli Willson - Head of Discovery Homecare

To Whom it may concern

I have done my training with NIDO in 2000 training as a health care assistant. My training experience with the company was a very pleasant experience.
I have done my practicals’ at Netcare where i have gained lots of experience. I got a job through NIDO doing home nursing and from there I went to work in old age homes. NIDO is providing good quality care and it contributes care to the terminally ill. Even today I am still working for NIDO as an office administrator and doing recruitment.

NIDO has offered me lots of opportunities that I would not have had elsewhere and I am very thank full for that.

Dorcas marumo

To Whom It May Concern:

I started with Nido in 2006 I did my course in September 2006. I got the best practical student award for 2006. I started working for Nido in 2008. I then went oversees for 6 month to Aupair in America. For 3 month premature twins girls.

In December 2011 I phone Gizelle to find out if she does not have a job for me? I started working in the Nido office in Johannesburg, Jan 2012 as an admin assistant until end of June. I got a Care Workers job thro Nido in Bronkhorstspruit to look after an old lady of 83. Unfortunately she passed away suddenly. I then got an evening job thro Nido at a lady at Eagle Canyon looking after a Baby boy of 4 month with very bad Colic two nights a week.

I really enjoy working for Nido

Dorothy Turnbull

To whom it may concern:

I saw the NIDO Health Care Assistant Course while I was browsing the internet looking for a nursing course. I immediately saw that this course would be the perfect stepping stone for me to further my studies in nursing seeing that it is an accredited course and it is much more advanced than the regular Home Based Caregivers course.

My passion is to become a qualified nurse and to work with people is something I feel very passionate about.

I enrolled with NIDO and started training in January 2012. My experience with the company has been so positve since the beginning. I finished my theoretical training and received very good marks. After that I could be placed in my practical institution for 3 months. I did my practical training in Arcadia Old Age home and completed all my practical hours there.

Gizelle made contact with me because she saw potential in me and asked me to come and work in the head office in Cape Town where I am currently doing recruiting & placements. This is equipping me with even more vital experience that I did not have before I came accross this wonderful company.

I will start with my last months of practicals at the Mitchell’s Plain in Melomed where I am looking to broaden my experience to become a Health Care Assistant and get more experience in the Hospital.

My goal is to enroll in a nursing school upon completion of my NIDO Health Care Assistants course and to further my studies in the field of Nursing.

My training with NIDO has been the perfect stepping stone to do so & has given me the self confidence to fulfill my dreams to become a qualified nurse. Thanks to NIDO I am one step closer to achieving my goals and to live my dreams.

Carol Mngeni

My name is Rowlene Eberhardt with two children residing in Port Elizabeth. I heard about the NIDO course from a friend, whom also did the course. In high school I helped in an old age home. I enjoyed it a lot.

Therefore, when I heard about NIDO, I knew that is where I want to be. The first day I was a bit nervous, but when the class started, I felt at home. The receptionist at the office welcomed the students warmly. The sisters that presented the classes were excellent. They explained everything systematically. The sisters were like mothers to us. NIDO can be proud of them. After a month we were divided into groups for our practicals.We all went to different frail care centres. Co-incidentally, I ended up where my mother use to work as a nurse. As a little girl, I was playing there and now I am working there. It was always my dream to become a nurse, and help the sick and old.

After a month there I realised that the elderly are very dependant on the staff. That motivated me to do more for them, and to learn more about them and there needs. Fortunately, at NIDO I learned that, all theoretically. The theory that we were thought in class, I could put it into practice now. The old are so special; they will always have a place in my heart.

My last month practical’s I did at NETCARE Greenacres Hospital. It is very different to the frail care centre. It was more on hands. We were really prepared for our practicals after we did our theory.

NIDO opened a few doors for me. I privately started working with private patients and is about to start working with a baby.
I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone at the NIDO office in Port Elizabeth, and to the founder of NIDO, Gizelle van der Merwe, that helped me make my dream come true.

Rowlene Eberhardt

I Evelyn Didloft was a student at Nido Health Care Academy in 2009 and fulfilled my dream of becoming a Health Care Assistant when I graduated in 2010. In 2009 I decided to become a Health Care Assistant.

I applied at NIDO and in 2010 I graduated. NIDO opened so many doors for me, because they train at the greatest hospital group which is NETCARE. My dream came true when I did my practical at NETCARE Greenacres. So far I’ve worked in maternity and ICU. I also worked with private patients. At the moment I’m training as a Health Care consultant at Health Haven, and that is also because of NIDO.

Evelyn Didloft

Ten years ago my grandma suffered from a stroke, I could not help her in any way. When she passed away i decided to became a nurse. For years I applied at insitutions and was always unsuccessful.

One day I saw the advert of Nido in the news paper and applied for the home base course. While I was busy with my Practical at House Nazareth I realised what I could have done for my grandma.

The next month I was send To N1 NETCARE PAEDIATRIC for another month practical, and there something amazing happened to me. I was a week in the ward and the unit manager offered me a post as a care worker. It was then when doors started to open for me. After six months I started my studies though NETCARE education.

Today I am a very proud Paediatric staff nurse who is furthering my studies next year to become a Registered nurse / Professional Nurse. My message to everybody is : Never stop dreaming, reach for your goals and remember, the sky is the limit!

Brenda Lewis

My name is Linda Ntombekhaya Ndabeni. I came accross Nido Health Care Academy after so many years of struggling and looking for a job. I decided to go back to school to do my Matric which I passed.

Doors were still not opening for me after I went through these sacrifies. At Technicons and Universities my applications were still unsuccessful. I knew that I want to do nursing for the passion I had for this occupation. My life changed for the better the day I saw a group of ladies wearing nursing uniforms. I approached them to enquire about where they have studied. They informed me about Nido Health Care Academy where after I went to the office in Cape Town for further information.

I Registered and started the course in June 2009. I did exceptionally well in my theory and practical examinations. Nido opened doors of opportunities for me and God have answered my prayers. Through Nido I was placed at the NETCARE Private Hospital in N1 City where I am still fortunate to work. NETCARE N1 City Hospital offered to send me for further studies to become a Staff Nurse and thereafter a Professional Nurse.

Without Nido none of these opportunities would be possible. I thank Nido from the bottom of my heart and wish them success for the future.

Linda Ntombekhaya

About NIDO...

  • Nido Nursing (Pty) Ltd is the only National Heath Care Organization

    Nido Nursing (Pty) Ltd is the only National Heath Care Organization and Health Care Training Academy in South Africa that offers Health Care Assistant Training Programme. The Health Care Assistant Training Programme is mostly practical training and NIDO Nursing (Pty) Ltd students do their practical training in NETCARE hospitals,(The Largest Private Doctor and Hospital Group in South Africa.), in addition to other hospitals, health care and nursing institutions and retirement villages in South Africa.

  • The training enables you to gain maximum exposure and knowledge in your future field of expertise and you are able to pursue possible future job opportunities in private health care facilities, private homes or private hospitals and nursing institutions.

  • Nido Nursing (Pty) Ltd will assist you with placements in private hospitals, health care institutions, old age homes, retirement villages or in private homes after you have successfully completed your course. Nido has empowered many people to become Health Care Assistants.

  • Nido has successfully trained over 40 000 Health Care Assistants since 2000 and has equipped them to become quality Health Care Assistants. Our successful students are working in South Africa and many have already been accepted as Professional nurses today or Professional Health Care Assistants into training academies where they further their nursing studies and careers.

  • Stepping Stone

    The uniqueness of Nido's practical training is the experience in Private Practical Facilities. Nido Nursing (Pty) Ltd is the perfect stepping stone to enable you to further your career in nursing studies, or to get employment in the Private Health Care Industry.

  • Be Part
    Of Our

Gizelle van der Merwe

Chief Executive Officer
B.Comm (Communications) Hons
Dip Audiovisual Techniques

Note from CEO


'I would like to thank all students who have decided to do this course with NIDO. This is the first step to a great future in private health care and nursing. Please know that the fees you pay are an investment in your life and your future in further nursing studies. We encourage you to take this step of living a dream and, if nursing is your passion, start living this dream!

Follow your dream, take one step at a time and don't settle for less, just continue to climb the ladder to success and living your dream.I hope to see you all during the course and please remember to feel free to ask any of my staff members in the offices if you do not understand the course fact sheet. All of us at NIDO would like to assist you to reach your dream and to become successful in Nursing.

Take Care

Kind Regards


Injuries / Evaluation Process / Examination Results / Working while studying with Nido



Should you, our Nido student, get injured during theory or practical training, you will be responsible for your own medical expenses and Nido will not be held responsible

Evaluation Process

  • Various tests as well as a first formal examination will be written before the Practical training commences. You need to pass this exam with 50% before you could continue with your practical training.
  • After the first three month practical placement, a benchmark exam is written. You will need to pass this with at least 50% to continue with the second placement in the hospital
  • After the second three month placement, the final exam is written. The pass mark is 50%
  • You will need to pass 18 practical procedures during the six month practical placement period, and the pass mark is 80%

Examination results

  • After the final exam is written, it takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks for the final results to be released.
  • You will receive a letter of recommendation from NIDO containing your final results before the certificate can be issued. This enables students to already apply for jobs while waiting for their certificates.
  • After successful completion of your course you may register with NIDO Nursing (Pty) Ltd to assist you with job placements. You will have to sign an agreement with your regional office in South Africa.

Working while studying with Nido
No student may accept a full time or a part time job while studying with Nido. You need to be available for practical work, which could include weekend shifts, unless prior arrangements have been made.


Contact Us

CAPE TOWN  (Western Cape

Head Office & Registration
The Business Centre
1 Bridgeway Road
Century City
National offices- Contact Numbers
Please take note that queries regarding student registrations are from Monday to Friday,09h00-16h00
Tel: (021) 830 5830

Gizelle van der Merwe 073 259 4487 – Can assist with queries